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Published: Tuesday, 08 April 2014

The flight into the Bhutan Himalayas is one of the most spectacular experiences you will ever witness. Flying in from the sweltering heat of the plains of India towards Bhutan, one can observe from the left side of the plane, a chain of the world's highest and majestic peaks. Pay careful attention as the Druk Air captain points out the peaks; Mt. Everest, Lho tse, Mt. McKinley, Kanchenjunga and the rest as you fly past them.

Soon you descend into DrukYul, and even as the plane lowers its landing gear you will not notice any airstrip or signs of a city unlike any other airport that you have been to. You are now entering Paro valley and you begin to notice the primeval alpine forests, little monasteries, temples and farmhouses. Moments before landing you may catch a glimpse of the colossal Paro Dzong and the winding Paro Chu (Chu means river or water). As you step out of the plane you will notice the transparent purity of the air and the absence of noise.

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