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About Us

Published: Tuesday, 08 April 2014

As fascinating and mysterious as Bhutan is, there is no other tour and travel company that is more suited to hosting your stay in the kingdom than Yodsel Tours and Treks with its decade-long track record of having interacted with guests from all over the world. We value our clients and are committed to making your stay in Bhutan as special and homely as possible by combining our knowledge and travel experience. We assure you with the highest standards of services.

We will guide you to all that is special about Bhutan, whether it is gazing at beautiful snowcapped mountains, attending the kingdom's colorful festivals or simply the charm and gracious hospitality of the people. Let us help you begin your journey into an enchanted realm.

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides share with you our local culture, history and tradition and offer you the freedom to explore off-the beaten track, often to the places that other tourists rarely visit-through stunning scenery, visiting fascinating monuments. To make your journeys in our mountainous roads relaxing, we provide you comfortable vehicles along with experienced drivers.

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